Karen Handel is the Republican nominee for the congressional seat recently vacated by Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and the candidate coronated by the Democratic Party, Jon Ossoff. At least this race will be more interesting than the last one.

Karen Handel
Karen has run for Senate and Governor of Georgia in the past, where her dropping out of community college was brought up as a campaign issue. While serving on the Fulton Council she donated to the Login Cabin Republicans, a group of LGBT politicians, and later denied it. That also was brought up as a campaign issue, although only in Georgia would they care about contributing to gay politicians.

As the elected Secretary of State (SOS) she bragged about instituting a rule that required a drivers license to vote in the State of Georgia, saying she took away the vote from “leftists from Atlanta”. From there she moved on to the job of Executive Director of the Susan Kamen Foundation, which supports breast cancer research and treatment. While there she got in the spotlight by coercing the organization into withdrawing funding from Planned Parenthood based on her anti-abortion view. Later she spun it by saying they were “making them go through the grant application process like everyone else.” She later resigned in the face of a political backlash.

In the jungle primary runoff she got in there with the big boys with her own ad attacking Democratic leader Jon Ossoff called “Lightweight Liberal”. Unfortunately the ad concluded with “Paid for by the Handel Campagin”, as noted in the comments section. This was a particularly egregious mistake, given the education issues previously raised, but hey, who needs an education to serve in Congress anyway, right? Besides, Karen’s got a Handel on her Campagin!

Trafalgar poll 18%

2 Responses

  1. Maria Vermes Labrie

    Thanks God for President Trump!! He is our ONLY hope to save this country( talking from experience since I lived under Communist dictator
    ship with my late husband- Dr Andrew Vermes- )
    The past 8 years misleading of people and getting them brainwashed with typical communist style,is sickening.

    Maria Vermes Labrie

    • Donna S.

      Maria, Trump is the closest thing we’ve had to a dictator in my lifetime (and I’m over 60). Communist dictators are not the only kind of dictators, you know.