The murder of Meredith Kercher

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I have written before about the total absence of evidence in the case against Amanda Knox in the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, and in fact it is possible to prove she didn’t do it, even though the onus is supposed to be on the prosecution to prove that she did (e.g., see “Why It Isn’t Physically Possible for Amanda Knox to have Killed Meredith Kercher“). All there ever was was a false confession (e.g. “False Confession of the Perugia Police and Coercian of Amanda Knox“), but in my opinion I don’t think there was even that, since all you have is a statement written in Italian by someone who didn’t really know the language. The real question is why things have gotten to the state they are now, with two convictions and one aquittal, and two peoples’ lives (her and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito), apparently indefinitely.

The person who killed Meredith Kercher is Rudy Guede, whose DNA and bloody handprints were found all over the room and on the victim, and who is currently convicted of the crime and in jail. Interestingly, Guede had been caught, not once, but twice breaking into second floor apartments and stealing things, in one case a laptop of an attorney. Guede was inexplicably released from a jail in Milan after the Perugia prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, made a phone call to the Milan police. Coincidence? Who knows, but Guede could very well have been a police informer, and Mignini might have wanted to keep him on the streets (prosecutors work in tandem with the police in Italy). Another odd fact is that they attorney was representing some anarchists, who were not a particular threat to anyone, but whom the other prosecutor, Manuela Comodi, was planning to bring a case against. Coincidence #2? Who knows, maybe Guede just wanted a laptop so he could write a novel.

In any case, letting him go was a bad idea, since a few days later he — surprise, surprise — again broke in through a second floor window in order to burglar a cottage on via della Pergola in Perugia. Unfortunately, he likely was surprised by Meredith Kercher returning to her home, and raped and killed her, not necessarily in that order, following which he absconded with some cash. Mignini somehow came up with the idea that since this was the day after Halloween, Amanda and her boyfriend had killed her in a Satanic sex act/human sacrifice. You see, Mignini was convening with the seer Gabriella Carlizzi, who was in communion with a dead priest, and who believed that the Masons had a plot to institute Satanic cults throughout Italy.

Gabriella Carlizzi
Gabriella Carlizzi

Carlizzi informed Mignini that Leeds and Seattle, where the girls came from, were both centers of this nefarious organization. Her counsel had also caused Mignini to determine that the infamous serial murderer known as the Monster of Florence was part of a Satanic cult, even though there was no evidence to support this. When it became obvious that Guede was the killer, they just incorporated him into the night’s activities, with Amanda directing the whole thing from the other room. The break in was explained as staged, even though the evidence showed this to be impossible.