Inheritance Italian Style (Original Motion Pciture Soundtrack)

Inheritance, Italian Style (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Now Available on itunes

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Inheritance, Italian Style (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) from composer James Stone.

James Stone Composer
James Stone, Composer

With an instrumental arrangement from the film theme song and traditional Sicilian folk songs performed by the Atlanta Guitar Trio.

Atlanta Guitar Trio
Atlanta Guitar Trio: Scott Plato, Adam Craighead, and Bill Hearn

You can buy the individual song tracks or the entire album here.

Track # SONG TITLE Performer
1. Catania Song – James Stone
2. Trinacria! – James Stone
3. Seconda’s Song – James Stone
4. Catania Guitars – Atlanta Guitar Trio
5. Vitti Na Crozza – Atlanta Guitar Trio
6. Lucky Gets Caught – James Stone
7. Aboyance Song – James Stone
8. Ciuri, Ciuri – Atlanta Guitar Trio

[Update July 5, 2017: You can now watch “Inheritance, Italian Style” (2016) on all Video On Demand platforms, including amazon, itunes, Youtube, Vimeo, Vudu, and Microsoft/Xbox. Links here.]