Washington State Ghost Town

Poem: Ruby

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(a ghost town in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State)

from The Moon has no Compassion for the Dead, and other poems, by Doug Bremner

There in Ruby
we looked at what was left
of an old mining town.

Later you said
you had wanted me.

right then and there.

maybe against the car.

it was beautiful, the fields
of golden grass.

we’ll never have that time again.

and Ruby is a ghost town,
that will not return to what it was.

or be more than a few bricks,
lost in the weeds.

I’ve had a lot of lovers in my life,
and so have you.

I never asked you about them,
although I wanted to.

we never made love in Ruby,
or what it was once was.

with the bright blue sky,
over the golden grass.

on the hills of the place,
that once was Ruby.

have you ever made love
while looking up at the bright blue sky?

your lovers I will never know,
their memories would hurt me so.

were they better than me?
did they get you off?

would my penis size
have made them scoff?

we never coupled,
in the grass.

you didn’t there, that day in Ruby.

or in the place that once
was the town of that name.

Ruby is only pine trees now,
and golden fields of grass.

I won’t ask about the others.

not now.

how does a man you once loved,
compare with a town that no longer exists?

Washington State Ghost Town