Inheritance Italian Style

“Inheritance Italian Style” Now on Amazon and Amazon Prime

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Our independent film “Inheritance Italian Style” is now available on Amazon and Amazon Prime. 

“Five sisters return to their home in Sicily to divide the family art and furniture. Chaos ensues.”

Inheritance Italian Style

Filmed on location in the Druid Hills and Virginia Highlands neighborhoods of Atlanta, Dahlonega, Georgia, and Sicily. Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Italian.

You can watch it at the link below

You can also watch it on Roku, Vimeo, and Tubi. 

Bill Meeker writing for Turnabout Media called Inheritance, Italian Style “outrageous comedy,” “funny, entertaining,” and “fast paced.”

“A battle between the sexes in which the dominant women of the family challenge the masculinity of their husbands (who do not seem well equipped to defend it)…

“Anyone with an interest in indie comedies should give this film a watch.”

We were also featured in a newspaper article story by Mariella Caruso about the making of our film Inheritance, Italian Style, by the Italian newspaper, La Sicilia, which has a print circulation of 30,000, second largest in Sicily. You can read the Italian version here.

Article in La Sicilia on "Inheritance, Italian Style"
“Our Sicily Far from the Stereotypes”

Newspaper “La Sicilia,” Entertainment, Feb. 4, 2014.
[headline] “Our Sicily Far From the Stereotypes: From Atlanta a film about ‘Inheritance, Italian Style’”

[sub-headline] “The return of an emigrant to Milazzo for the division of the family art and furniture.”
By Mariella Caruso (Milan) [photo caption] “The film was shot in Catania (sic) ‘It’s in the catalogue for the Berlin Film Festivale and we hope to be able to bring it to Taormina [film festival].’”

[text of article correctly states some footage was shot in Catania but that the bulk of it was in the villa of the producers in Atlanta]