Justice in the Age of Judgment

Podcast: Gurvey’s Law Show with Anne Bremner JD & Doug Bremner MD Discuss Upcoming Book ‘Justice in the Age of Judgment’

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  • ‘Justice in the Age of Judgment’: From Amanda Knox to Michael Jackson, Brett Kavanaugh and ‘MeToo’
  • For release by Simon and Schuster in 2022
  • Don’t miss the latest Gurvey’s Law podcast, which aired on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio on Thursday, October 21st.
  • This episode features hosts Alan Gurvey and Lauren Sivan, and Anne and Doug Bremner, the brother-sister team behind the upcoming book, “Justice In The Age of Judgement”
  • The book details the notorious cases Anne covered and was involved with, including the trials of Amanda Knox and Mary Letourneau.
  • We also discuss vaccine safety related to Covid and flu vaccines including mandates from medical and legal points of view
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Justice in the Age of Judgment