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Rotten Tomatoes Approved Review from Film Threat: “Light Hearted Feel Good Movie” 7/10

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Seconda, Fulvia and Duplecia
Seconda, Fulvia and Duplecia

New review from Alan Ng writing on Film Threat: “Inheritance Italian Style straddles that line between drama and comedy. The story has its silly moments, such as Arie’s fetish for used Amish womens’ underwear or how all the husbands are exiled to Lucky’s apartment with his mistress to commiserate in their failures. However, the drama stems from the relationship between the siblings. Though the women are adults, this weekend allows each to re-evaluate their lives and take bold steps in new directions…. Light tone makes for feel good film about family… If you’re looking for a light family drama, Inheritance Italian Style delivers and a feel-good shot to the heart.” Read the full review here and see it on Rotten Tomatoes.

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