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Scared Stiff Reviews: “Inheritance Italian Style Independent Film Now Available on All Channels and In All Markets – Movie News”

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Family dinner

Five sisters return to their home in Sicily to divide the family art and furniture, chaos ensues!

“A fun film… sustained entertainment.”

“Battle between the sexes… in which the men do not come out ahead.”

“Anyone with ainterest in indie comedies should give this film a watch.”

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Inheritance Italian Style official selection of the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

Three sisters, Natascia, Seconda, and Fulvia Parlazzi, who left their home in Sicily years before to pursue higher educations and successful professional careers in the US and UK, return to the family villa
in Catania, Sicily, with their own families.

Duplecia, the daughter who stayed at home, precipitates a crisis by demanding an accounting of the family property. Tristana, the other daughter who never left home, is too depressed to care. The situation calls for a division of the family art and furniture. Bickering ensues, and things go from bad to worse as the sisters make a series of bad decisions leading to the ultimate crisis. But not without a lot to laugh about along the way.

Filmed on location in the Druid Hills and Virginia Highlands neighborhoods of Atlanta, Dahlonega, Georgia, and Sicily. Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Italian.

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