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Thank you for everyone who did The Love Books Tours for Justice in the Age of Justice. Here are some of the reviews:

This is a really interesting read about some of the most well known trials in history as well as some not as well known – well to me at least. I have read about some of these cases and had some preconceived ideas and some opinions on them based on what I have read, seen and so forth. However this book definitely made me think about things in a different way in practically every part of the crimes I knew and the ones I didn’t I researched them and then read the authors points which again was really interesting. I may not have agreed with everything they said or necessarily the outcome of their arguments it was still a thought provoking read. If you love true crime, then this is a book you should definitely check out.

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This book thoroughly captivated me from start to finish. I am a true crime lover! Many of these cases I had heard of and some I hadn’t. Despite this, I learned a lot from this book. I appreciate the book includes a large swath of crimes, from the very high profile to the not so well known. The book challenged some of my own biases thus I found myself reconsidering my previous thoughts based on the information presented.

I highly recommend it! This book will keep you thinking long after you’ve finished the final page.

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Justice in the Age of Judgment


I absolutely love watching crime and detective shows/series – following the clues and working out what the truth is – but this is my first true crime book.

I found this absolutely fascinating and petrifying in equal measure.
Following many different cases over the last few decades and looking at evidence and statements given – along with more recently, media coverage – which created good and bad outcomes.

The Amanda Knox case ran throughout the book and while we study each other case, we’re brought back to similarities and differences relating to this.
I have to admit to coming into this with no prior knowledge, as although it is during my lifetime, I didn’t follow any of the news about it at the time.

What I read seemed unbelievable! And I think this is what made it petrifying!
That it continued back and forth for so many years.
That police involvement and their bias is often skewed.
That the media outlets often provide ‘fake’ information (which we release already) but that this determines people’s judgement and eventually any outcome of cases.

This could happen to any of us!

I was a little confused at first as it seemed to be telling us that open media during cases is a bad thing – often false representation and offers bias – but then the author makes it her job to get that information out into the media?
However, I think as I understand it, that it’s about getting that information out there in a responsible manner and offering the real facts about cases so that we can offer public judgment that is not skewed by others.

Totally fascinating and has left me craving more like this!

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I am a huge true crime fan, so couldn’t resist signing up to be on the tour of this one!
The book starts with a punch, and you see the authors’ bias (particularly with the Amanda Knox case) straight away. I was expecting more of a balanced approach, so this took me aback, but then I soon realised if they worked on her case, that was inevitable.
That said, this was a fascinating look at some well known cases and definitely shed light on the impact of social media in trying to get a fair trial.

Natalie writing as @curlingupwithacoffeeandakindle. Read the original post here.

More to follow later!