Justice in the Age of Judgment: First Prize for True Crime from Artisan Book Reviews

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We’ve all read the headlines about these cases—Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, George Floyd.  Whether we were interested or not in the specific details of each case, we all likely had an opinion about the guilt or innocence of each person.  That’s human nature.  Anne and Doug will take you deeper into each case—demonstrating what impacted the court’s ruling, what facts were especially important to each case or how the individual players impacted each case positively or negatively.  It’s fascinating.  Whether crime stories are your jam or psychology or human behavior, this book will grab your attention and hold it for all 281 pages, and you won’t be sorry! Justice in the Age of Judgment: From Amanda Knox to Kyle Rittenhouse and the Battle for Due Process in the Digital Age by Anne Bremner and Doug Bremner comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Rachel McMahon for Artisan Book Reviews.

Artisan Book Reviews, review by Rachel McMahon

Our book has 4.5/5 starts. You can find it on amazon here.