New Review for Inheritance Italian Style: ‘The Fact that All the Husbands End Up in the Same Place is Hilarious’

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22 Indie Street film review Inheritance, Italian Style 3.5/5 stars “There are key themes I remember as I type this out and key scenes (actually running jokes) that I’m still chuckling at. The husbands of the family all ending up in the same place is hilarious. And all through the comedy, there’s the hint of seriousness and life itself. There is also a hopeful and heartwarming ending that cements the fact that things will be alright.”

Film Review of Inheritance Italian Style from 22 Indie Street
Arie (Rob Maniscalco) and Lucky (Ismael Ibn Conner) in exile at the Giardini Naxos house with Lucky’s mistress, Melona (Allie O’Neill).

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