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‘Inheritance Italian Style will Captive Interest for People into Indie Film Genre’

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Inheritance Italian Style will captivate an interest for people into the Indie film genre.

Ryan Conway writing on RWR Movie Reviews
Natascia (Caroline Avery Granger) and Aboyance (Bill Neenan) look at paintings.

Featuring some solid acting from the likes of Zoe Myers, Bill Neenan, and Maggie Gwin.

Ryan Conway writing for RWR Movie Reviews
Fulvia arrives
Fulvia (Maggie Gwin) arrives at the Catania Airport.
Arie (Rob Maniscalco) and Seconda (Zoe Myers) talk and have a glass of wine.

3/5 stars for ‘Inheritance Italian Style’ from RWR Movie Reviews from Ryan Conway writing on LetterboxD. Read the full review here. Follow him on twitter here and subscribe to his video film review site here.