Lisa Lockwood

‘This is an Important and Much Needed Book’ –Lisa Lockwood

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Lisa Lockwood

Having confirmation bias explained the way it was in this book was fantastic. Anne and Doug Bremner are such warriors.

I had no idea reading the title I was going to be taken on such an important trip down memory lane of the most important cases of times, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and
including Susan Cox Powell, The West Memphis Three, and OJ Simpson.

This book is for anyone who wants the inside track on how the mainstream media, social media and the overall court of public opinion often creates a false narrative about highly publicized crimes. Only to later witness the spin unravel in the court room. With her 38 years of legal wisdom, Anne Bremner understands and breaks down the personal agendas, sometimes sinister, of the people who have invested interests in shaping stories about “criminals and victims.”

I loved the addendum about the media circus surrounding the Amanda Knox case.

This is an important and needed book.

LISA LOCKWOOD, Author of ‘Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team… a true story.’