Inheritance, Italian Style

“Inheritance, Italian Style” (2014) Trailer

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Five sisters return to their home in Sicily to divide the family art and furniture, and all hell breaks loose!

Passions rise, bottled up emotions explode and monsters creep out of the closets when five sisters return to their family villa in Sicily to divide the family art and furniture. Comic situations escalate as the eccentric characters of this dysfunctional family loosen up under the influence of cascading Italian wine.

Things go from bad to worse and then all hell breaks loose as the sisters make a series of bad decisions, leading to the ultimate tumultuous conclusion.

[view our trailer and like! Inheritance Italian Style is an independent feature film from Laughing Cow Productions written and directed by Doug Bremner. It is scheduled for release in 2014. Contact House of Film for more information.]

Inheritance, Italian Style