Sollecito to Italian Courts: “I Am Not the Siamese Twin of Amanda Knox”

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Raffaele Sollecito held a news conference today to outline his upcoming legal strategy which in spite of rumors that he might throw Amanda Knox under the bus, he affirmed that he maintained that he was at home with Amanda the night of the murder of Meredith Kercher (“only criminals and guilty people change their stories,” he said), and that he knew he was innocent and that he and his family believed in the innocence of Amanda Konx. He stated that his conviction was based on the so-called “Memoriale” of Amanda, which I have already covered in detail in “Coercion of the Perugia Police and False Confession of Amanda Knox.” He makes the point that there she did not say that he was at the scene of the murder, and that the judges in the case used that to convict him, so if that is what they relied on, how does that prove he was there? He further states that the judges believed that Amanda lied about where she was when she texted Patrick Lumumba about going to work the night of the murder.

The judges think that data based on cell phone towers shows Amanda Knox was lying when she said she was at the apartment of Raffaele Sollecito when she sent the text at about 8:35 pm, but that the ping from the cell phone towers shows she must have been outside the house at the time. Raffaele said that that was irrelevant since at the time of the murder (which was probably about 9:05 pm) they both had an alibi. In addition, paranthetically, in a murder investigation which is probably without precedent in the boofoonery of the so-called forensic science, why should we believe anything the Perugia prosecutors say? It is almost random the “facts” that they include or exclude. They have no credibility at all at this point, none!

Raffaele mentions this last fact to say that the judges believe that Amanda lied about whether she left the apartment, but he does not say that he thinks she lied. This is an important point since it is obvious that the prosecutors botched the cell phone tower data like everything else and there is no evidence she left the apartment. Furthermore, Raffaele says that he and Amanda are not twins and are not one body with two heads and he should be prosecuted on his own, especially when the “memoriale” statement the judges used to convict him states he was not at the scene of the murder.