Bobby Kaple
Bobby Kaple rides into the sunset as Bluestein's next democratic pick for GA06.

Bluestein Does It Again! Another Puff Piece for Bobby Kaple and Friends

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Just when you thought Greg Bluestein might have gotten religion, he does it again!. Another puff piece written in the Sandy Springs Constitution (aka AJC) promoting his favored candidate Bobby Kaple.

Bobby Kaple
Bobby Kaple rides into the sunset as Bluestein’s next democratic pick for GA06. Photograph from Bluestein’s latest puff piece on Bobby for AJC.

Bluestein also promotes another candidate, Kevin Abel, however he once again ignores the other candidate, Richard Keatley. Kaple and Abel have both announced big fund raising efforts of about $200,000, although in the case of Abel he gave a lot of that money to himself. But money can’t buy you love, Greg!

Greg Bluestein, AJC political reporter
Greg Bluestein, AJC political reporter

Maybe it’s because these guys swim in the same ponds as Bluestein, while Keatley is just a voice-less blue collar Catholic kid from Akron, Ohio, that didn’t ring any of the Bluestein bells. But one thing for sure, Bluestein can’t claim that he was not aware Keatley was running again, after having run previously in the Jungle Primary after the spot was vacated by Tom Price, since he responded to my prior post pointing out how he had left out Keatley by blocking me on twitter.

Doug Bremner blocked on twitter by Bluestein
Greg Bluestein blocks Doug Bremner on twitter.

You can read the post yourself and decide if it was offensive enough to block me. Some people say I am not “helping my candidate” (which Keatley is not “my candidate” by the way) by criticizing the press, but I say I am more concerned by the erosion of our democracy and the independence of the press, and I consider this fiasco an example of that degenerative process!