Mike Szymanski
Mike Szymanski

‘Funny, Family Melodrama Dished Up in “Inheritance Italian Style”‘

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Mike Szymanski

…some of the smartest characters are kids, two cousins, played by a handsome Dylan Bremner and Diane Shepherd… the two have the most adult things to say, and a dialogue about psychologists and psychiatrists is some of the best scripting…”

Mike Szymanski, film critic review of Inheritance Italian Style.
Inheritance Italian Style
Morris (Dylan Bremner) and Isabella (Diane Shepherd) find Tristana lying under a car. “Are you my aunt?”

“Among most interesting characters is Tristana (played by Teresa Sanson), the sister who didn’t go off to make a success for herself and is instead rather suicidal. The kids find her under a car, then she tries to take too many pills, and battles some severe depression.”

Tristana lying under a car
Tristana (T.J. Sanson) lying under a car

The dialogue by some of the characters makes you laugh out loud. The gardener’s son, Albangzo, (played by Tim Ross) is having an affair with one of the daughters. He calls her “fig fruit” and “my beloved,” a heartsick romantic.

Tim Perez-Ross and Concetta DeLuco
Albangzo (Tim Perez-Ross) and Duplecia (Concetta DeLuco) in the garden shed.

8/10 stars for Inheritance Italian Style from Rotten Tomatoes critic Mike Szymanski. Read the full review here.